Some Comments about my Programs

“Our audience loved Ricardo Frota’s Ecology of Sound program! He brings enthusiasm and musical talent to the show that is just impressive. Using a variety of natural and recycled materials Ricardo involves the whole crowd in making and enjoying music from different cultures. Everything blends so beautifully from the instruments themselves to the music to the audience participation- it is truly a whole experience for all ages. I look forward to working with Ricardo again in the future.
April Mazza
Wayland Public Library

It was a huge treat to meet Ricardo Frota and see his unique, educational and lively performance of “Ecology of Sound”. Ricardo interacted so well with his audience. He has that rare ability to keep a broad age range of children entertained at all times making this a fabulous program for public libraries. His enthusiasm and love for the music and instruments of many cultures was contagious. Many thanks for such a joyous celebration of nature and sound.
Jane Flanders
Lincoln Public Library

“At your program, we heard sounds of drums, whistles, and maracas. But we also heard the sounds of bottlecaps, keys, and even a goat’s toenails! There were tree stumps, branches, and bark. As a result of this experience, we were all left with a new appreciation of the world around us. And when the program was over, we heard one final sound –the sound of everybody clapping. Thank you for the sensational show!”
Mark A. Malcolm, Children’s Librarian
Maynard Public Library

Several years ago, after an Artist in Residence program at a facility for high risk youth in Quincy, Massachusetts, as I was packing up to leave, one student came up and wrote on the board:

“I want to be a Musician.”

Welcome to Ecology of Sound | About Ricardo Frota

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